The Trongate Rum Riots hail from Glasgow, a city as soaked in salty maritime tradition as their music. Originally forming as a sea shanty band to revive this rich and emotive style of music, the band has evolved over the past four years to incorporate the many influences its troupe of musicians bring on board. Their style ranges from sweaty punk to dirty folk, with the occasional bluesy lick and Balkan riff, and is equally as visceral in its plugged-in form as it is in its stripped-back acoustic set. No matter the event, the Trongate Rum Riots bring their unique and powerful style, leaving no listener safe from its pounding rhythms. Behind the joyous chaos lies an eight-piece of dexterous, talented musicians who continue to charm and exhilarate crowds around Scotland and beyond. The band had a summer full of festival shows, including headlining Wickerman’s Acoustic Tent and playing Eden’s main stage, and is currently organising a UK tour. The band has released 2 E.P.s to date and is working on recording its debut album, due out in Spring 2016.

“One of the finest moments from Wickerman Festival 2015” – Ticketmaster

“Elements of the Pogues, the Pistols, and also some of the theatre of the Sensational Alex Harvey Band…” – STV

“One of the liveliest bands about…favourites in the Scottish live music circuit.” – The National

“…foot-stomping…” – Wickerman

“…jaw-droppingly impressive.” – ItsaXXXXThing

“…wild and rambunctious celtic-punk stylings…” – Amped Up Scotland

The Trongate Rum Riots are:
Darren Slevin, guitar and vocals.
Mamma T, vocals.
Eammon Coyle, whistles and accordion.
Kevin Coyle, mandolin and banjo.
Sinead Fortune, violin and saw.
Craig Ralston, lead guitar.
Raymond Gallacher, bass.
Terry Watt, drums.